Meet Jose…


Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain

You probably know that I have been a professional wedding and fashion photographer for the last 5 years and I think you probably want to know more about me. I have been married to my beautiful wife (Gigi) for almost 11 years. It has been an amazing time in my life since we are very happy together and she supports me in every dream I want to follow (seriously). We love to travel, watch romantic comedies, go shopping, fashion, hang out with friends, and food (we LOVE coffee, paella, wine, and cheese). I own a beautiful longhaired dachshund named Jack.

My wife and I brought him home 7 years ago and it has been quite a journey ever since. I love any sport or activity that takes place in the ocean. My wife says I’m just missing gills to be a fish! I am a technical Full Trimix diver (I used to dive over 250 feet), Master PADI dive instructor, surfer, free diver, 100 tons Coast Guard Merchant Marine Officer, big game fisherman, and more!

Yes, I have spent 1/3 of my life at sea. Gosh, I forgot to mention… I love art museums! I have been to some of the most important art museums in Madrid and Barcelona. I can tell you that I am in love with Velazquez’s work. One of my favorite paintings is Las Meninas at Museo del Prado. It is just amazing how this artist plays with light, colors, and mood. I do not know if you noticed, but I am a romantic too. Obviously, there are things that I hate too like bad weather, heavy traffic, wars, and injustice.

I can tell many of these experiences have helped me develop into who I am as a person and as a photographer. For example, I think that when you dive, you see life through a small window (your mask) and you develop a sharp eye for details and good timing. Also, when you spend so much time of your life at sea, you really notice and get to enjoy all of the beautiful colors in the sky during sunset. Learning from the great artists, you start to develop a special eye for shades, form, and composition.

All experiences combined encompass who I am as a photographer and why I shoot the way I do. Every time I create an image I am giving you a piece of who I am. These qualities make my work beautiful and unique. Every time I am at a wedding I am the diver looking for details, I am the fisherman waiting for the perfect timing to catch the moment between moments, I am the artist looking for colors, shape, and composition, and most important of all I am the husband who knows the importance of commitment, love, and respect. Thank you very much for visiting my website!


I am a proud member of PPA (Professional Photographers of America), and one of the showcase photographers of Photoflex company in the US. As Photoflex said, “The Photoflex Pro Showcase highlights the world’s most prestigious working professionals who depend on Photoflex. These pros are masters of shaping light and capturing the perfect image which goes to show: Masters of light choose Photoflex”. You can find my showcase at Photoflex website here.



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