Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you tell me how much I will invest?
Sure, we are a boutique studio, and we offer custom packages to suit your wedding vision. Our complete wedding packages start at $3000, wedding coverage with CD start $1850. Call or email us for more details.

Q. Do you offer pre-wedding shoots?
Yes we do on some of our packages we provide this as a free service. We will arrange to meet you at your venue, have a cup of coffee, discuss your wedding preparations and spend some time taking some extra shots. This helps in two ways, firstly for packages including a guest book,  so your family and friends can sign on it on the wedding day. Secondly, if you are nervous about having your photograph taken it helps you to get used to being in front of the camera and shows you how I work in getting the best from you for your photographs.

Q. How long does it take before I can view my wedding photographs?
We generally try to make proofs available for viewing within three weeks of your wedding unless we have stated otherwise in advance to you. So, if you have a few minutes free whilst on honeymoon, why not log on to the website and see if your photographs are available to view?

Q. Do you use models on your website?
No, absolutely not and yes we are aware that some photographers do. Is this an issue? No of course not as long as the photographer points out that the photographs were taken during a training day. After all, on a training day you’ve got time to adjust settings to just where you want them, you often have a professional model in front of you who knows how to pose. It doesn’t mean that the photographer can recreate these on your wedding day when he’s under pressure to produce results. It doesn’t mean training is a bad thing. I undertake additional training and shoot with additional photographers whenever I can. Why? Well it helps me to keep my photography fresh and up to date. What we won’t do is use the images on the website. All the images on the website have been taken by Jose Aguilo Photography are real weddings. If models appear on the blog from a training shoot, they will be clearly labeled as such. Just so you know!

Q. My wedding venue is great but it does not offer any real photo opportunities. What can I do to get great photographs?
This is a common concern with more city centre type venues and the simple answer is have a look at the local area near to your venue. At Old San Juan, El Morro, a beach? San Juan, Puerto rico has some wonderful places to take photographs and if you can fit the time in your wedding day to visit, as a Puerto Rico Wedding Photographer we would be delighted to come with you and take the photographs. We do not charge extra for this experience. We do want you to get some real wow images on your wedding day!

Q. What is PPA?
Professional Photographers of America (PPA) is the world’s largest nonprofit association for professional photographers, with 22,000 members in 54 countries. Learn more at

Q. I’m getting married in 2013, can I book your services now?
Yes. We are already taking bookings for weddings during 2013. Our advice would be to book early especially if you are getting married between May and September which tend to be our busiest months. We are already taking bookings for 2013.

Q. Who provides the actual photography for our wedding?
We do. We don’t believe in meeting you and then contracting out to let a third party undertake your wedding photography. All our wedding photography is undertaken by Jose Aguilo. Why? Simple reason, by the time we photograph your wedding we will have met each other, two or even three times and will have started to get to know one another from our meetings and pre-wedding shoot. This is so important so on your wedding day you are not faced with someone photographing you who you don’t know, perhaps have never met or even worse cannot get on with.

Q. Can my guests also take photographs during the day.
Of course they can, they want a record of the day too and if they don’t manage to get that all important first kiss, exchanging of the rings, or the candid shots at the speeches themselves they can order them directly from our website. All we ask is that we take each photograph first as it ensures that everyone is looking at a single camera and not looking at different cameras in different directions during each shot. The only time we don’t like other guests taking photographs is when we go off for half an hour to get some real wow photographs of you both and that’s only so we can really get the best photographs possible for your album.

Q. What makes you qualified to photograph our wedding?
Amongst other things our photographic experience, we are photographing weddings all year round, it’s our full time occupation. It’s a sad fact of life that someone can go into a local department store, pick up a digital SLR camera and then call themselves a ‘professional wedding photographer’ without having photographed any weddings. Providing professional wedding photography is as much about knowing what’s going to happen next, being able to react quickly to any condition, providing event management and at the same time being able to take a well composed image using everything at your disposal, from the natural surroundings, to the available light, to making the bride and groom look their absolute stunning best.

Q. I’m not sure about how much time I need to leave for photographs?
Besides wedding photography we are also good at providing advice on any aspect of your day – see us as your wedding day organizer. From the time you should allow to get in your dress to the best time for your first dance. We are here to help in any way we can! We will discuss all the timings and the best ways to take your photographs during our consultations. Every wedding is unique and will require different amounts of time depending on the venue, the number of guests and the type of photographs required. We are also very conscious about keeping your guests waiting when they want to be enjoying your special day and so we have a somewhat unique way of working to ensure this runs quickly and to time leaving you and your guests time to enjoy the day.

Q. What happens if your camera goes wrong?
Don’t worry. We only use professional grade equipment and ensure we have spare camera, lenses, flash units, batteries and memory cards available during the day. Beware of photographers who only have the minimum of, or consumer grade equipment. What would they do for the rest of your wedding if their camera went wrong? What would you do?

Q. How can our wedding guests order enlargements?
As a client of ours you will have access to view all your photographs on line and your family and friends can order enlargements from the same on line gallery. We can also supply at your request small table cards for your wedding reception providing guests with information on how to log on to the website and order. Please ask if you would like us to provide this free service. We will provide two galleries for your wedding day, your wedding photographs will be provided in a gallery for you to share with whoever you like. The second gallery if we are photographing at your evening reception is the photobooth. Everyone who attends the photobooth will be given a little card with details of how to access the photographs.

Q. Do you shoot more than one wedding a day?
No, we don’t believe in rushing our clients and trying to ‘squeeze’ another wedding in on the same day. You have our full and undivided attention.

Q. Ok, I want to know more and check if you are available.
Simply call us on (787) 310-2664 or email us on to see if we have availability.  We offer no obligation consultations to discuss your requirements and view more of our work. We do not pressure you into making a decision or provide any hard sell.

Jose Aguilo Photography provides professional wedding photography in Puerto Rico and the world.

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