It’s about YOU!


As a Puerto Rico Wedding Photographer I’ve often been asked in the past how to describe ‘what we do’. It’s hard to put into words, so to put simply…..

It’s  Your day – it’s about you!

It’s not about the photographer; it’s how the photographer adjust to your needs. That’s the big difference between our services and many other Puerto Rico wedding photographers!

When you look at other professional photographers’ websites, do they give you all the information you need to help you make an informed decision about to hire someone that will be recording all the details of the most important day of your life? When you meet with them for the first time, do they leave you with the confidence that you can trust them on your special day? Do they know about the rush of emotion that overwhelms the groom when during the ceremony he turns around to see the bride walking down the aisle to join him?

I remember my wedding day and the incredible rush I felt when my soon-to-be wife walked down the aisle. Yes, I held back the tears! You can’t photograph a wedding professionally without knowing about this emotion. No, I don’t cry when I’m photographing weddings, but that same sense of emotion is there – it’s why I do the job I do. I LOVE IT!  It’s what gives me a buzz.

A professional wedding photographer doesn’t just produce images for your album; he’s there to help guide you through the entire day. Photographer, wedding coordinator, crowd control and direction – it’s all part of the roles he or she plays. It’s why you need someone you can trust and most importantly someone you like and can get along with. We all know that most wedding photographers will shoot the obvious shots, but a really great wedding photographer also captures emotions, expressions, and spontaneous instants between the obvious moments. It’s the person who looks back at the groom when you walk down the aisle to capture his emotions. That’s what it’s all about! It’s about being fast enough to capture those special moments.

It seems that every week I speak to a client whose sister or brother has just gotten married and was disillusioned with the wedding photographer. Either they were too bossy, missed the key shots, or provided an album that didn’t meet their expectations.  At the other end of the price spectrum, what does cheap get you? It’s a better value to hire someone who is more expensive but has backup equipment, runs the business full time, and has the experience to photograph your wedding.

Jose Aguilo Photography is a full time business, which means I can be contacted at any time. It means that I can work those extras hours to create a fabulous and completely unique wedding album for you. I carry backup equipment if anything goes wrong with my camera or my flash units. I always have spares so I don’t miss a moment of your day. If you put all of this into context suddenly the cheap photographer doesn’t sound like such great value any more, especially if anything goes wrong and he’s not prepared. When you look at our wedding packages you will notice that they are all example packages. Every wedding is unique so why would you expect a ‘one size fits all’ wedding package? We can build a custom package to meet your needs.


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