About Us

What’s different about us?

There are lots of commercial photographers around but what separates Jose Aguilo Photography from other commercial photographers is our creativity, vision, craftsmen and experience. Our creative vision is matched by equally inspired innovation and technical expertise. Much of it goes beyond the lens and involves imaginative creative executions utilizing a variety of studio and digital tools to craft the final image. As a result, we provide to our clients the best image possible. Jose Aguilo is one of the best photographers and high end retouchers in Puerto Rico, the caribbean and the east coast. From fashion, architecture, commercial, products and advertising photography.  Our work has been recognized by Phoflex, Inc. Where we contribute year around testing new lighting gear, giving them  our experience with their lighting products. Many advertising agencies are working with our collaboration. Also we offer lighting workshop for other photographers as well. We are located in San Juan, Puerto Rico, but we can travel anywhere in the world.  Contact us today for more info.